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Custom shade solution for peaked roofs.

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One of the toughest windows to treat, the slanted window into a peaked roof.

Where do you start.  The windows are always tall, They let in a lot of light and often make privacy impossible.  Up till now the only satisfactory way to address this has been to install a stationary treatment on the angled portion essentially defeating the purpose of the window entirely.

Recently a client proposed we convert a woven wood shade they had  into a bottom up angle topped shade.  (Whew what a mouthful.)

At first I was skeptical.  Would it lay down right.  How to raise it evenly.  Could we even cut the weave on the angle without it fraying.  Soon the answers came.  Yes, yes and yes again.  Here is a photo taken in our workroom.

Eureka, the angle top woven wood is born.

The video of the shade installed is here on you tube.

The toughest part was learning how to put it all together.  Now that we’ve done it our seamstresses and installers have the details down pat and ready to manufacture.

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